Aqua Stop impregnation agent 75ml


Aqua Stop impregnation agent 75ml

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For waterproof Daytona Boots, we have already done a lot. But the boot needs the owner to add the finishing touches: regular impregnation helps to keep feet dry. This also makes the Daytona Boots dirt-repellent. daytona® Aqua Stop is applied with the sponge supplied. Please wait for a day after application to give the leather time to absorb the Aqua Stop and for them to dry out properly. Then polish smooth leather with a soft cloth; for suede simply brush over again.


Impregnation, repelling water and dirt daytona® Aqua Stop (75 ml) is a very rich, color-intensifying and highly effective impregnation concentrate for all daytona® styles. Without spray mist, and mild-smelling, it can even be used indoors. Aqua Stop preserves the breathability of all materials (except patent leather), is recommended for GORE-TEX® and is also ideal for waterproofing seams and soles. Application: Remove dust and dirt. Apply sufficient Aqua Stop to the surface only with the sponge and leave to dry – ideally overnight. Polish smooth leather, brush suede leather with a suitable brush.

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