Bardahl SUPER SPRAY 400ml


Bardahl SUPER SPRAY 400ml

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The best penetrating oil that is for sale: lubricates, crawls, protects, displaces moisture and stops rust stops.

All metal surfaces are exposed at one time or another to corrosion and contamination by water, dirt, grime and the like. This corrosion and contaminants hinder free movement, lead to excessive wear or complete seizure. The foreign matter also sticks to regular lubricants forming sludge which prevents good lubrication. In addition, some surfaces have hard-to-reach electrical contacts. Moisture and corrosion on these contacts mean either erratic operation or complete failure. Bardahl Super Spray contains solvents, a penetrant, Bardahl’s “polar attraction” formula, an anti-oxidant, and a high grade oil for superior lubrication. The solvents wash away dirt and sludge upon application, allowing Super Spray’s other ingredients to reach the metal surfaces. The penetrant has low surface tension that lets it flow into tight places and carries the other ingredients with it. The anti-oxidant works chemically to prevent oxidation, the cause of rust and corrosion. Bardahl’s polar attraction formula of extreme pressure agents bond to the metal providing a full time high strength molecular film to reduce further wear. Further friction protection is enhanced by the high grade oil

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