BLAZE 2-point support arms Model spec mount Triumph Speed Triple (10-15)


BLAZE 2-point support arms Model spec mount Triumph Speed Triple (10-15)

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BLAZE Removable support arms

The removable support arms on the Speed Triple were designed to surround the exhaust pipes on both sides. Both removable support arms can be easily mounted using the quick-release fasteners. When driving without the removable support arms, the mounting brackets remain on the bike.

The bike-specific development of the removable support arms and a safety belt with click closure ensure the best grip and prevent transient oscillation or fluttering o even at high speeds. The inconspicuous holders for the removable support arms are also bike-specific. After initial mounting, they remain on the motorcycle. When itos time for a big trip, the removable support arms are simply clicked in.

  • Removable support arms prevent contact between saddlebags and tires
  • One-time mounting of the bike-specific, inconspicuous brackets for the removable support arms
  • Removable support arms attachable and removable in a few simple steps

Included in delivery

  • 2 x BLAZE Removable support arms
  • 3 x Mounting bracket
  • 1 x Crossbar
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Material: Steel
  • Color: black
  • Total Weight: appr. 1,8 kg / appr. 3.9 lb

Incompatible with

  • Not compatible with SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK

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Weight 3.6 kg

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