Premium String Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit


Premium String Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

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Premium string repairs can be used to repair up to
6mm nailhole injuries in the tread area of radial and bias motorcycle
tyres on-site, before the tyre goes flat and prior to dirt, water
and other contaminating substances penetrating through the

repairs are temporary repairs only. Follow and obey
country-specific tyre repair regulations
and standards. Tyre manufacturers along
with published industry regulations state that all injuries must be
filled with a rubber stem and that a tyre
repair unit must be applied on the inner liner of the
tyre. Failure to follow these
recommendations may cause premature tire failure. When a temporary
repair is made to the tyre, the tyre must
not be operated for more than 100km and
at speeds no greater than 80kmph. The
tyre must then be demounted, inspected and, if repairable,
industry/country-specific recommendations for proper repair must be

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